The World Champs squared up with the “Process,” and for a while Golden State was on the ropes.

Golden State erased a 24-point halftime deficit to come back and defeat the 76ers 124-116. After the game, Kevin Durant was asked if there was any extra motivation during the comeback.

Short answer: Embiid. 

Embiid has made a name for himself by his talents on the court and his trash talk. He always appears to be chirping at his opponents, saying they’re either “soft” or “can’t guard him.” 

Best believe if the 76ers were able to hold on to the lead, Embiid would have trolled all night.

Durant got his best revenge with the win and silencing Embiid. Usually stale, Durant’s comments were actually funny this time. No twitter fingers. No weak comebacks. Just truth.

For the Process and Philadelphia, even being up on a championship team is impressive considering where the Sixers have been. A team who is near the total wins from two seasons ago just a month into the season has huge upside.

For now, the Sixers have to keep progressing and keep it fun. Embiid has been giving the fans a treat. Along with spurts of dominance like in the win against the Lakers.

Keep processing, Jo!