​Aaron Judge lost the 2017 MVP award to Jose Altuve, but he certainly doesn't lack sportsmanship.

Despite only receiving two first-place votes, Judge wasn't salty at all, tweeting out congratulations to Altuve after the 5-8 slugger took home his first MVP award.

You have to give Judge props for this for many reasons.

These two are likely to be the face of the American League moving forward, and it's far from the last time they'll be going to head to head at the award ceremony.

While Judge did beat out Altuve in several more traditional categories, the Astros star was a consistent force for the eventual World Series champion, and it's tough to argue against his numbers.

Altuve now joins Jeff Bagwell as the only Astros players to ever win the MVP award.

Considering his consistency over the past few seasons, it likely won't be his last.