The Home Run King of the post-steroid era has his MVP.

Giancarlo Stanton, the man who blasted an obscene 59 home runs this season and who is -- at least for now -- the face of the Marlins franchise, has won the franchise's first MVP award after the Baseball Writers Association of America came to a decision.

Stanton, who had previously finished second in MVP voting after a 37-homer campaign in 2014, has taken the title over Joey Votto and Paul Goldschmidt after knocking 59 homers to go along with 132 RBIs -- the highest non-steroid era home run total since Roger Maris hit 61 back in '61.

And yes, it was an INSANELY close race with Joey Votto.

While Stanton will be celebrating his MVP tonight, his future remains a big question mark. New Marlins owner Derek Jeter has been openly shopping Stanton in a bid to slash payroll, and many teams have contacted the Marlins in hopes of getting a trade that works for both teams AND Stanton.

Speaking of which, rumors have started to circulate that Stanton hopes to land with the Dodgers, fresh off their NL Pennant win. His advisers, on the other hand, are pushing for the Red Sox, for purely marketing reasons.

​​As someone who both loves the game of baseball and hates the Boston Red Sox, I say listen to your heart and not your advisers, Giancarlo. Baseball's not about marketing. It's about baseball.

Oh, and congrats on your MVP.