​Lakers fans, shield your eyes from this one. It's not going to be pretty. 

The Lakers haven't been able to string together a winning season since they went 45-37 in 2012-13. Remember the rebuild, though? Top picks and everything! The West Coast Process!

Well...yeah. About that...

They've been in the lottery pretty much every year since 2013 and have tried rebuilding through the draft. But their last few lottery picks haven't really been all they were hyped up to be. 

Julius Randle still hasn't been able to find his niche on this team, struggles at times to finish around the rim with his right hand, and likely won't be re-signing in Los Angeles. One down.

The duo of number two overall picks hasn't really worked out in the best way either. 2016's pick Brandon Ingram had a pretty shaky start to his career and has only bounced back to a modest level in year two. Additionally, we all know about the shooting and scoring struggles of 2017 pick Lonzo Ball. 

We won't call him a bust just yet, but Stephen A. will.

As if that isn't bad enough, the Lakers' revolving door of free agents coming and going has produced some nice minutes...for other teams. 

I hate to rub it in, but Swaggy P's been revelatory as a Warrior.

The only bright spot in this whole thing is the exceptional play of the 27th overall pick Kyle Kuzma. He's been flat out balling for the Lakers this season and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Kuz is proving to be one of the steals of this year's draft. 

So Kuz seems to be one of the few things the Lakers have going for them this year. That's a start. 

But their "rebuild" is already full of nearly as many holes as genuine answers.