​The Cleveland Cavaliers are leaving all options open in hopes of turning their disappointing start to 2017-18 season around. While a large amount of the hopes have been put on the return of Isaiah Thomas from injury, we're also already at the point where it makes sense to examine some possible trades the Cavaliers can make in hopes of improving their overall roster.

The flexible wing player has become one of the most valuable spots in the NBA, and the Cavs should be willing to trade two of their "star" players in the hopes of getting one such player. And, according to Chris Mannix, they're more than willing to unload ​two larger pieces to get there.

The first of these star players that could be traded is Tristan Thompson, and the Twitter world has already spelled out some possible trade scenarios.

Thompson is currently nursing his way back from a calf injury, and he would have to find the right fit for his fantastic rebounding, high motor, and unpolished offensive game. Also, he comes with a hefty price tag.

Kevin Love has been in trade discussions since his first day in Cleveland and the power forward still has a good amount of value with his 17.9 points and 10.4 rebounds season averages.

However, as Mannix of Yahoo Sports writes, "Trades also need to make sense. Right now there isn’t one out there. What the Cavs need more than anything is a young, springy swingman who can glide between the two and the three and defend both. That player isn’t on the market, unless Kent Bazemore does something for you."

Bazemore isn't worth giving away Love or Thompson and the chances the Cavs make a major move anytime soon is doubtful. But Rodney Hood is fascinating.