Thought nutmegs were just for soccer?

Think again.

John Wall took crossover to a next level Wednesday night when he crossed UNDER Heat center Hassan Whiteside--putting the ball through the unsuspecting defender's legs at full speed in a dazzling display of athleticism.​

​​Poor Mr. Whiteside. Much like Mr. Brightside, he should've opened up his eager eyes, and not his damn legs.

What a combination of speed and athleticism here--a perfect showcase of what makes Wall such a special player in this league.

To make matters worse, look how close Whiteside came to getting an accidental flying fist in the face from Wall:

​​If Wall had made contact, this could have turned out a lot differently--this Sunday is 13 years since the Malice at the Palace, after all.

Fortunately, no bones were bruised--only egos.