Hold on to your hats, Yankees fans. If we believe one of our most recognizable voices, we've got an upset coming Thursday

On his NYC radio show today, long-time Yankees play-by-play guy Michael Kay claimed he received a text from a "credible source" that Aaron Judge has already won the MVP voting, which will be announced Thursday night.

Whoa. Let that sink in.​

How credible, man? HOW CREDIBLE?!

​​If Kay's source is to be believed (which he didn't comment on one way or another), it would represent a big shock, especially because the last mental image we all have is Jose Altuve killing it in the World Series for Houston. The two are generally considered the front-runners for the award, with Judge lagging behind. But maybe not, thanks to this source!

If Judge does beat out Altuve for MVP, it'll be on the strength of his power. Judge knocked 52 homers on the year, compared to Altuve's 24, crafting plenty of narratives in his favor. 

When it comes to average, though, Altuve had the upper hand (especially during July and August):

​​Believe it or don't, but tune in either way.