Serious class from Kyrie Irving. 

With all the drama this offseason between him and the Cavaliers, some people might've started questioning his character. He's seen here giving two military members some very special keepsakes after beating the Brooklyn Nets 109-102:

​​Their reaction is priceless. It's nice to see something wholesome like this in the midst of so many coming after Kyrie's character for wanting to take his game to the next level in a new city--and what a level that has been. With the Celtics at the top of the Eastern Conference and playing without their key free agent signing, the team has rattled off 13 wins in a row and are looking like a strong championship contender this year. 

Even with a mask on as he heals from a facial injury, he was still able to drop 25 points in 29 minutes against the upstart Nets.

Side note: Does anyone in the NBA have better handle than this guy? 

The answer is a pretty simple one: no.