3 Reasons the Cavs-Knicks Beef is Awesome for the NBA

If you haven’t been keeping up with the drama in New York, you’re missing out. The Cavaliers rode the Subway before their game at the Garden versus the Knicks. The drama started with comments from LeBron on the Knicks draft choice last season. Then Enes Kanter stepped in. Fireworks went off during the game, as the King got into it with rookie Frank Ntilikina and Kanter, seconds apart.  Though I already said that LeBron should go after bigger fish, this beef is actually great for the league.

3. Change of Attitude in the East

The East has been under LeBron’s reign for the last seven years. The King has done what he has wanted: won MVPs, rings, coasted, and set league records.    

With a team as dysfunctional as the Knicks stepping up, it shows that the East is looking to finally dethrone the King. With young talented teams in Boston, Washington, and Milwaukee creeping up, this change in attitude is obvious. These teams are not going to lay over for LeBron and company.    

Even if (and most likely when) the Cavs win the East, at least these teams are showing more fight and emotion. Hopefully the Knicks are the initiators of a testy, wild run in the East.  

2. Cavaliers actually care early in the season

LeBron and the Cavs showing emotion (even if half-heartedly) is an upgrade from the King's teams in the past. 

At just 7-7, it doesn’t appear that the King and company are coasting. And going back and forth with New York is a sign that they are engaged in the regular season. 

Though it’s very early, the Cavs currently would miss the playoffs. There is no need for a sense of urgency when you have LeBron. But with the extra emotion comes more opportunity to be great. 

The Cavs getting challenged is great for the league. It forces them to bring their best every night. And if not, they’ll only win half their games as it currently stands.  

1. Beef among all teams makes the NBA more exciting

Lastly, the chippy play is rubbing off on the entire league. 

Joel Embiid is trolling all of the players going up against him. The Wizards-Warriors drama has escalated with Kelly Oubre Jr. throwing haymakers. Even the Heat and Jazz with Dion Waiters talking smack about Rudy Gobert is entertaining television.