​A quick note of advice for everyone out there: if you're going to make a video about how you're "coming for" for one of the most well-known stars in professional athletics, you should probably know what sport he plays first.

By now, most people have probably seen the viral video of LeBron James taking the New York City Subway before the Cleveland Cavaliers' matchup against the New York Knicks last night. During the video, someone clearly wasn't here for LeBron's antics, telling him "can you not" when the camera was pointed in his direction:

That was all good and funny, until the man must've realized that he could go viral, and tried to respond to James in a video of his own, in which he made a complete fool of himself. 

Watch below and try not to cringe:

Ohhh boy. It's clearly obvious that this man is just trying to become internet famous, and it's awful. Why else would he post the video where he says LeBron is a FOOTBALL player, when he was corrected almost immediately and easily could've just retaken it? He's just looking for a reaction from people.

Unfortunately he succeeded with that, because we're giving it to him. Dude, you can do so much better than this. You should've just quit while you were ahead with the original video. This follow up makes it a lot harder to appreciate your comment.