​The free agent pool for the 2017-18 MLB offseason consists of some fine talent.

But the most sought-after commodity to be had is Giancarlo Stanton. He isn't a free agent, however-- he is very much locked into a contract with the Miami Marlins. 

In order to get Stanton, the league's premier slugger, suitors would have to trade a lot of picks and players. But there is a hiccup that gives Stanton a say in all this: his no-trade clause. In order for the player to be moved, he has to waive that clause.

We previously heard that the Cardinals, Giants, and Red Sox had emerged as the three most likely destinations for Stanton. It now appears, surprisingly enough, that two of them are suddenly out of the conversation:

​​The problem for Derek Jeter and the Marlins is not just unloading the $295 million Stanton is owed the next 10 years, but also the full no-trade clause that gives the right fielder total control of his ultimate destination.

We saw a similar situation in New York with Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks this past summer, although the relationship in Miami feels a lot less toxic.

Regardless, it may be a while before Stanton gets dealt.

We do know one thing, though: this is going to get interesting.