​Last night in a matchup with the Clippers, Joel Embiid had his way. You could tell right away that Embiid was feeling it early on, and by the end of the game, he played 36 minutes for the first time in his career.

In those 36 minutes, he had 32 points and a career-high 16 rebounds. He also was able to get to the free throw line 20 times in what was his best game of the year so far.

But Embiid's greatness didn't stop when the game was over. Embiid got into it with Clippers backup center Willie Reed multiple times during the game. At one point, Reed earned a flagrant one for throwing Embiid to the ground.

Even after this, both payers continued to talk trash to one another, but Embiid got the last laugh in his postgame interview.

Cold blooded.

Last night was just further proof that Embiid is not only great on the court, but amazing off it as well.