You gotta go back, Marty!

​Not only have the Packers been plagued by injuries this season, but they even lost their tight end for good. Martellus Bennett was released last week and quickly signed with the Patriots, the team he originally left to join Green Bay. 

Bennett ripped the Packers just as quickly as he left town, insisting that they mishandled a shoulder injury he has been dealing with.

Former Pro Bowl quarterback and CBS analyst Boomer Esiason sounded off on the matter, saying Bennett is delusional and inconsistent with his story.

Bennett originally said that the Packers were forcing him to play despite needing surgery, ostensibly a leading cause of the messy breakup. But less than a week after the team parted ways with him, he was active and ready to play for New England.

"I think Martellus Bennett is living a lie," Esiason said. "It's 'hashtag fake news' with this guy. He is basically all over the place with his opinions about what happened in Green Bay."

Multiple Packers players, including Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson, defended the team's medical staff in no uncertain terms. 

"So while it's smart by New England to pick up Martellus, I personally find it to be reprehensible that he acted this way towards the Green Bay Packers and now has found himself on a better team and a better situation. And it seems very selfish to me," Esiason said. 

Bennett saw a sinking ship with the injury-riddled Packers and decided not just to bail, but to bad-mouth them afterwards. 

There's a difference between wanting to win a championship and downright lying to get out of a tough situation.

Way to go, Marty.