3 Takeaways From Carolina's Blowout MNF Win Over Miami

The Panthers have quietly advanced to 7-3 on the season behind a big win on Monday Night Football. Carolina's offense looked as good as any we've seen this season, specifically on the ground. The Dolphins' inept defense played their own role, however. Here's what we learned:

3. Cam Newton is as Explosive as Ever

Despite trading Kelvin Benjamin at the trade deadline, Cam Newton has a plethora of weapons at his disposal. More so now than any other time in his career, the combination of speed and athleticism that surrounds Cam on this Panthers' offense makes them a threat to score from anywhere on the field.

2. For the Love of God, No More Dolphins on National TV

The Dolphins were on National television for three straight games. The result? Not great.

Miami was routed in two of the three games, and suffered a close defeat to the Raiders a week ago on Sunday Night Football. The Dolphins ought to be thankful they're finally out of the spotlight.

1. The NFC is Wide Open

Carolina's offense is the main takeaway from this game, and they have the defense to match. All of a sudden there are three teams with seven wins in the NFC, and it's nearly impossible to pick one as the clear favorite. Carolina's schedule gets much tougher after their bye next week, so we'll find out plenty about them in a few weeks.