​Enes Kanter isn't about to let the Cavs walk all over this young Knicks squad.

A rare veteran in a locker room full of talented young building blocks, Kanter took on the role of enforcer agains the Cavs on Monday night. The Turkish big man got in the face of LBJ after he tried to intimidate Frank Ntilikina late in the first quarter.

While the Cavs were able to mount an unbelievable comeback in the second half to defeat the young Knicks, Kanter wasn't done talking postgame.

Channeling LBJ's famous 'King James' nickname, Kanter swung for the fences.

While this is just a regular season contest, Knicks-Cavs is quickly becoming one of the best rivalries the East has to offer.

New York handed the Cavs one of their most disappointing early-season defeats in Cleveland, and the Eastern Conference favorites responded by returning he favor on Monday night.

With Kanter's comments, this will only intensify. LeBron is notoriously petty, so expect an Arthur meme or two.