​Could this be the wake-up call the Cavaliers needed?

Facing a twenty point deficit to the New York Knicks at the Garden, a sleeping giant might have finally awoken.

Led by LeBron James, the Cavs stormed back behind a slew of three pointers and excellent fourth quarter defense. The young Knicks chipped in some bloopers of their own, of course. But this was clearly the case of a superior team flexing its muscles.

With the game on the line, we got the matchup we were all waiting for: the GOAT vs. the Unicorn.

​​Advantage, LeBron.

This is no doubt a discouraging loss for the Knicks, but there's still plenty to take from this for a young team. 

For the Cavs, on the other hand, this comeback win should be a catalyst for things to come.