​There's something special about NFL fans. They'll jump through tables, funnel beers, paint their faces, and even wear the jerseys of convicted murderers with no shame.

Rae Carruth was a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers who was found guilty of conspiring to murder a pregnant woman. 

Why on Earth are Rae Carruth jerseys still on the market? Who would want to purchase the jersey of a man who reenacted the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones?

Also, that does not look like a 15 year old jersey. There's no fade and no signs of wear and tear. That jersey was made within the past few years and was bought with full knowledge of Carruth's actions.

If this were an OJ Simpson or Aaron Hernandez jersey, then it could be passed off as a joke. But Rae Carruth? Have you ever met someone whose favorite player is Rae Carruth? Didn't think so.

Next time you're at a Panthers game, stay away from people in Rae Carruth jerseys. That's an instant red flag.