This past Sunday proved to be the revitalization of the Cleveland Cavaliers-New York Knicks rivalry.

Prior to their Monday night matchup, LeBron James criticized the Knicks for drafting point guard Frank Ntilikina in this year's NBA Draft. James felt the team should have drafted Dennis Smith Jr, who was eventually taken by the Dallas Mavericks. James would later clarify that his comments were directed to former President Phil Jackson, not the rookie.

During the game, Ntilikina appeared to take those comments to heart, as he was a bit chippy when facing off against James. During a dead ball play, Ntilikina bumped into the Cavaliers forward. As the rookie was getting the ball, James stood over him, leading Ntilikina to shove him twice, as he walked out of bounds for the inbound.

​​Most would crumble when appearing in the presence of "King James." Ntilikina was having none of it, and would give his response to James' criticisms in the form of competitive shoves.

We may be witnessing the start of a James-Ntilikina feud before our very eyes.