​I can't believe he said that, man. 

Jon Gruden is basically a walking soundbite. The way he says things and his overall persona is hilarious. And a lot of people love him for that. Gruden is one of ESPN's biggest personalities for that reason, but some could see him returning to coaching. 

Those that think that Gruden should take the open Tennessee job should look at one of his recent quotes first. 


Back in August, Gruden said that he'd likely have a ton of players on probation within a matter of weeks. He alluded to the many rules involved in college football. He acknowledged that recruiting would be a blast, but that he'd be too strict. 

Like all Gruden quotes, this one doesn't make much sense written out and taken out of context. Gruden is making a ton of money at ESPN, and I think he's far more likely to come out of retirement for an NFL job. 

If there's a college job he would take, it's Tennessee, but I doubt he'd take a college job.