Recently, ​former World Series MVP Josh Beckett was arrested for drunkenly attacking the singer of a country band mid-performance.

You read that right. Gloriously so.

The incident occurred at an Oct. 26 concert in Texas, though the former pitcher claims it was just "horseplay," and that he meant for no harm to come to the singer. 

Beckett had largely been out of the news since he retired three years ago, fighting off thoracic outlet syndrome. At the very least, this will get people to talk about him again for a little bit. 

Well, this will, at least.

Behold, the mug shot!

Just...just a complete drunken mess, and we love it. Best part is, we're sure Josh didn't even hate this. He's probably going to frame this shot.

This is also, of course not the first troubling incident of Beckett's. Back in the day in 2011, when he was still playing for the Boston Red Sox, Beckett, Jon Lester, and John Lackey would eat chicken, drink beer, and play video games in the clubhouse on days they weren't starting. A startling lack of commitment to the team, but not quite tackling a singer mid-song. This is a class of its own.

Beckett's 13-year career spanned from 2001-2014. He started his career with the Florida Marlins, where he was awarded the 2003 World Series MVP, after he helped win their second title in franchise history. In 2006, Beckett was traded to the Boston Red Sox, and he won a second World Series there the next year. 

The three-time All-Star Beckett won 138 games in his career and lost 106, posting his 107th career loss on Monday with the release of this mugshot.