​The Cavaliers, like normal, had their morning shootaround this morning at MSG. 

And after the shootaround, the team headed back to the hotel before getting ready to once again head back to the Garden for tonight's contest. Team bus, Limo perhaps to get them home? Nope.

Instead, they did something different. They decided to take the subway. And for some, including LeBron James, it was his first time he has ever taken the ride in the big city. 

LeBron had the same thoughts that I'm sure many subway riders have. "As long as I'm getting on the right damn train that's all I care about."

Getting on the wrong train is probably one of the worst feelings you can have. So LeBron had his priorities right.

Imagine being one of the people on this train seeing the whole Cavs team coming on the subway. That must have been a cool and surprising thing. Well except for the guy that LeBron sat next to. He wasn't too happy with him.

How hilarious was that? He essentially gave him the Mutumbo "no-no" and put his hand right in front of the camera. LBJ got shut down. 

We'll see if King James and his Cavs' friends enjoy the Subway a few more times before they leave NYC.