Martellus Bennett has been a popular topic of conversation in Green Bay due to the undisclosed injury that led to his release. But it's not only that. Bennett has made it pretty clear that he gave up on the Packers following Aaron Rodgers' injury.

For those unfamiliar with the story, Bennett suffered a torn rotator cuff, and while the team wanted him to play, Bennett didn't think it was worth it with Rodgers out. As a result, Green Bay waived the veteran tight end only for him get picked up by the Patriots and play last night.

When asked about why he was playing, Bennett said the following: 

"After trying to get [the shoulder] fixed and getting waived, you just get that vengeance in your heart and you’re just kind of like, [expletive] it. Let’s go ball."

What? Waaaiiiiit a minute.

Bennett reportedly was uninterested in returning to the field prior to finding out a move back to Foxborough was a possibility. He suddenly couldn't pass up the chance to play for the team he won a ring with just a season ago.

And on his way out, Bennett couldn't resist taking parting shots at the Green Bay medical staff.

Following Bennett's rant, ​both Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson stood up for the team's staff. 

Beyond injury issues, it's clear that things just weren't working out for chemistry-wise for Martellus in Green Bay. Overall, this continues to be a bizarre episode for Bennett, who just a week ago was ready to give up the rest of his season.

Now, he finds himself in the midst of another potential run to the Super Bowl.