UPDATE: The Saints have released a statement on this injury. Lasco has been transported to a local hospital with a spine injury for further examination. He does have feeling in his extremities, which is a great sign. 

To make things even better, all signs are positive at the moment for Lasco to be alright after this scary situation. 

This is the worst thing you can see in an NFL game...

After Mark Ingram's second score of the day, the Saints kicked off to the Bills to start the next drive. Unfortunately, that's where things got scary. 

Saints RB Daniel Lasco ​collided with Bills KR Brandon Tate and immediately collapsed to the ground. The training staff rushed to his side, but they immediately knew more help was going to be needed. 

​​Lasco was placed on a spine board, and an ambulance was immediately brought out to get him necessary and swift medical care. 

​​As Lasco was stretchered off, his teammates were by his side, showing him support as he headed into the back of the ambulance.

Lasco was able to raise his right hand while he was stretchered off, which is always a good sign. But it's only comforting until the official medical news drops.

Hoping for the best for Daniel here. ​​Regardless, we'd love to eliminate these awful tableaus from the game forever.