Martellus Bennett and the Packers are going through the nastiest of nasty breakups right now. 

The he said, she said, doctor said, everyone said something saga has infiltrated every aspect of this week's news cycle, from ​Bennett calling out the Packers to ​Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson calling out Bennett to even former Packer John Kuhn calling out Bennett. This has been a high school breakup through and through. 

Well, things just even nastier. 

Not only is Bennett and his torn rotator cuff expected to play for the Patriots tonight after not playing for the Packers the past few weeks, but the Packers expected to go after the money they paid Bennett.

Someone call the lawyer. 

​​And boom goes the dynamite. 

The Packers are reportedly set to go after the signing bonus they gave Bennett as their big-name offseason acquisition this year. There's no clear answer to which part of the bonus they're going after, the entire $6.3 million they gave him or the $4.2 million prorated portion, but it is clear they want their money back. 

​​So he's willing to play through a torn rotator cuff for the Patriots but not the injury-riddled Packers. Sure Green Bay and their players are happy about that. 

The Packers haven't officially filed the grievance yet, but have more time to do so, and it sounds like they will. It surely won't make the franchise look good (players don't like seeing teams going after other player's money), but at this point there's no turning back. 

Buyer's remorse is real in Green Bay, and it's clear this failed relationship will never be mended.