​It must have been tough being a Notre Dame fan in Miami this weekend. Not only did the Irish lose to the Hurricanes, ending their College Football Playoff hopes, but they were absolutely dominated throughout, looking more like a high school team playing against the pros. 

All was not over for the Notre Dame faithful, however. They still had endure the verbal abuse from the home team as they exited the stadium, which quite frankly, I have no idea how they weren't out of there at halftime. 

Regardless, two Notre Dame fans were trapped in a sea of exuberant Miami bros, who looked well lubricated after a day of tailgating and an evening of celebrating. You'll never guess what happened next. 

Notre Dame lost the game, but their fans definitely won the fight. 

Not sure if those Miami guys thought 10 against two would be enough to dispose of these Notre Dame fans, but if they thought wrong. Those Irish boys were ready to rock, and rock they did. 

At the same time, the Notre Dame fans had to wake up this morning knowing their dreams of a National Championship were dashed in Miami last night. The only positive is they go back to Notre Dame heroes, having defended their team and themselves valiantly in the face of a bunch of Miamai guys who weren't as prepared for the battle as their team.