​The Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers aren't exactly the two teams we thought would come to mind first when talking about enduring some pretty rough struggles through the start of the season.

Both OKC and Cleveland look to have their own two unique recipes for success with their stacked rosters, yet neither can seem to carry any momentum from one game to the next.

Looking for the fastest solution isn't always necessarily the best way to fix a problem, but for these two teams who are in a win-now state of mind, a trade is just what's needed.

That's where a deal of the forwards could be just what these two teams need. Enter Jeff Green and Andre Roberson.

Green and Roberson are both small forwards -- though Green has recently been moved to a small ball power forward​​ role -- that serve two completely different roles on their respective teams.

Green, 31, is a highlight reel waiting to happen. His explosive offensive style fits in perfectly with OKC and Russell Westbrook's style of play. This deal makes a lot of sense considering Green spent the first 4.5 seasons with the Thunder.

What Roberson, 26, brings is far from the big-time playmaking ability of Green, but it's his ability to keep opposing offenses from doing the same that makes him so valuable.

The Cavs have been desperate for some defense, as they are currently in the bottom three for points allowed.

While OKC gets a talented scorer and playmaker who can once again play alongside his former point guard, Cleveland who receive a defender who they have so desperately been in need of and can grow with an otherwise veteran team.

It's a win-win that could be a necessary step to success on both sides.