​Take your medicine, OKC fans.

Do whatever it takes to gulp it down. Because this one's gonna hurt.

​Your Thunder are losing games left and right, and reigning NBA MVP Russell Westbrook is the single biggest reason why.

That's right. And I'm not taking it back.

​Because I've actually watched the guy play this year.

Last season, when the ball-dominating matador looked like the NBA's clutch king, we thought we were seeing the beginnings of Russ 2.0, a fierce and relentless athletic force that was the perfect man to take the ball in the closing seconds with a game on the line.

Go ahead and try to blame Carmelo Anthony all you want. Try to blame Paul George, who at least plays defense even when the shots aren't falling. And good luck blaming Billy Donovan, the same coach that pushed the 73-win Warriors to the absolute brink in the 2016 Western Conference Finals. 

Your weak-sauce arguments will fall squarely on deaf ears. The truth of the matter is that this guy's ostensibly gaudy stat lines are paper tigers this year.

A deeper look reveals the rot.

Did you know that Westbrook trails one of his teammates in a majority of the most important statistical categories? And no, I don't mean Melo or PG13. I mean Steven Adams. Steven. Adams.

Yes! Seriously! In fact, let's list some of the major stats for which Russ trails the Big Kiwi:

  1. Win Shares
  2. True Shooting Percentage
  3. Offensive Rating
  4. Box Plus-Minus (BPM)
  5. Player Efficiency Rating (PER)

You can't make this stuff up. Additionally, not only does Westbrook (No. 68) rank a full 36 places behind Adams (No. 32) in PER, he also places behind such non-stars as Elfrid Payton, James Johnson, Evan Fournier, John Collins, Domantas Sabonis, Jordan Clarkson, Tyreke Evans.

Oh, and two other guys who also outshine Russ in PER? Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, two former OKC guys that are suddenly thriving in Indiana now that Westbrook isn't utterly preventing them from touching the ball.

The numbers and the eye test aren't both lying. The Thunder are just not a good team right now.

And Russell Westbrook, who suddenly can't decide whether he's an alpha dog (he's obviously not) or a humble facilitator (again, he's not) has only himself to blame.

There's no guarantee he's even capable of getting his act together. And if he really doesn't, there will be hell to play in Oklahoma City.