​As Josh Gordon nears a return to the NFL, many have doubted whether the 26-year-old can battle his way back after playing just 5 games since the start of the 2014 season.

Despite that extended hiatus, though, Gordon claims he's ready to go. 

And according to reports, he's still got some serious wheels.

​​Few NFL starters can run a legit 4.3 at any age, and Gordon is doing it despite not having access to team facilities and training staff for multiple years. That he's kept himself in top condition on his own time and with his own trainers is no small feat.

Obviously, Gordon has made mistakes in his career, starting with ​his failure to get clean and avoid suspension for violations of the NFL's substance abuse policy. But his ability to stay in shape all this time speaks volumes about his work ethic.

He never lost sight of the end goal, and knew a day would come when he'd have a chance to be accepted back into the league. With the end of a long comeback process finally in sight, Gordon is showing everyone that he means business.

Will he be the 1,600 yard receiver he was in 2013? On a horrid Browns team, probably not. 

But you can never underestimate the impact one big-time playmaker can have on an offense-- or on a sports town struggling to find reasons to pick their heads up out of the sand.