​The Dallas Cowboys vs. the NFL saga is becoming a never-ending mess, much to the dismay of football fans everywhere.

And it just got weirder.

Just hours after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals denied running back Ezekiel Elliott's emergency motion, meaning that he must begin his six-game suspension this Sunday, Jerry Jones went into full revenge mode.

Enter Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has beef with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell over the league's handling of the case against Elliott. Jones went as far as hiring David Bois, the lawyer of embattled film producer Harvey Weinstein, to block Goodell's new contract. 

Now, Jones has had enough, choosing to accuse NFL compensation committee leader and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank of misleading ownership regarding Goodell's potential extension. The league replied to Jones, claiming the Cowboys owner is the one who's actually "misleading other owners."

​​Jones is ready to take this to court, as he is expected to file a lawsuit if Goodell's contract is renewed without the approval of all 32 team owners. The Cowboys owner has stated that Blank told committee members that the committee would have "unanimity" before finalizing the deal. However, two anonymous NFL owners told ESPN that the committee is not in unanimous agreement over Goodell's new contract.

The controversy stems from Jones being removed from the compensation committee by Blank on Saturday, due to the Dallas owner's insistence on suing the league and committee members during a meeting on November 2. The hatred between the two owners dates way back, as Jones has been on the record as vocally disgruntled regarding Goodell personally naming Blank as compensation committee chairman in 2006.

​​The Ezekiel Elliott drama was the straw that broke the camel's back. Previously, Jones has respected Goodell's authority, but now that his prize has become subject to his whims, he's swiftly learning some things about fairness. Now things will really heat up, as it appears we are now heading towards a Jerry Jones court case against the NFL.

So much for lawsuits being over with in the NFL. It appears now that it's all the rage.