5 MLB Free Agents Who Are Going to Leave Unfixable Holes This Offseason

When one of the top free agents signs with a new team, we dive into what kind of positive impact they'll have for their new club. But there's another side of the story -- how it'll impact their former team.

Here are five free agents who are going to leave unfixable holes for their former team this offseason.

5. Jonathan Lucroy

The reason the Colorado Rockies acquired Jonathan Lucroy at the deadline was because they had a need at catcher, and if he walks in free agency they'll be back where they started. Tony Wolters is a young catcher Colorado might be comfortable with moving forward, Lucroy adds offense to the lineup as well as stability from a defensive standpoint. The Rockies have a young pitching staff and would greatly benefit from keeping Lucroy around long term.

4. Wade Davis

Who would close games for the Chicago Cubs if Wade Davis wasn't retained? The Cubs' bullpen wasn't that strong last season, and it would only get worse if Davis didn't come back. Joe Maddon has high hopes for Carl Edwards Jr., but he fell on his face during the postseason and doesn't seem ready to anchor a bullpen. Chicago doesn't have many internal options to pick up the slack if Davis leaves, and he would be almost impossible to replace outside of a major trade.

3. Eric Hosmer

The Kansas City Royals are on the verge of a rebuild, but they still need to fill a roster with competent players for 2018. You could say third base and center field will be unfixable holes for the Royals with Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain most likely moving on, but Eric Hosmer is the face of the franchise and can't be replaced heading into next season. His bat and defense have simply been way too consistent over the years.

2. Jake Arrieta

It doesn't seem Jake Arrieta will be back in Chicago, and while I understand not wanting to pay a big price for a starter in his 30s, the Cubs don't have any young pitching come up the pike to take his place in the rotation and be the Cy Young candidate he's been in recent years. The right-hander is expected to make big money, and the Cubs have a number of decisions to make in free agency. Unfortunately, they may have a big starting rotation problem.

1. J.D. Martinez

The Arizona Diamondbacks would love to retain J.D. Martinez, who was incredible for the team after the trade deadline, but he's better suited for the American League and probably won't come back. Yasmany Tomas will likely be healthy and take over in right field next season, but he's never produced at the same level of Martinez, who took the D-Backs' offense to another level in the second half of the season.