​In order to score runs in baseball, you have to make it around all four bases. 

On a bomb, speed doesn't matter. Take your sweet time.

Scoring runs becomes easier the faster you can make it around the horn, and so does fielding for that matter. Tommy Pham proved he had the bat for the majors in 2017 (.306 average, baby), and now, it looks like he his working on his speed.

Working damn hard.

Sports fans everywhere have got to love the hustle and grind here; Pham is already working hard just a week after the season officially ended. 

The candidates for National League MVP were revealed a short time ago, and though Tommy Pham wasn't on the list, he certainly made plenty of unofficial ballots, and would've been buzzed about had the Cards hit the postseason. Pham slashed .306/.411/.520 with 23 home runs and 73 RBI, all career-highs by a mile. 

The 29-year-old has only been in the league for just under four seasons, and if his work ethic is any indicator of years to come, he may just find himself on that NL MVP finalist list sooner than later.