Any time you get cut, there are hard feelings. In this situation, we could be looking at something way worse than just a sour parting of ways. 

When the Packers surprisingly cut tight end Martellus Bennett, many thought it was just because he has clearly hasn't lived up to the expectations that were tied to him when he signed this offseason. 

What now know it could be much deeper than that.

The root of Bennett's departure surrounds the tight end failing to disclose an injury. Not only is he out of a job, but he could have to return the $8 million Green Bay has already given him.

​​Yup. That's about as messy as it could be.

It's not clear whether or not the Packers are going to go after the money that was already given to Bennett, but one thing is clear: amid such deep disagreement, Bennett now has a huge fight on his hands. 

Yes, this relationship clearly didn't work on the field.

But it's about to get so, so much worse outside the lines.