​Earlier in the NBA season, Nikola Mirotic asked the Chicago Bulls to either trade him or Bobby Portis, who punched Mirotic in the face during a fight in practice.

While Mirotic is still sidelined from fractured bones in his face, Portis has returned to the hardwood from his eight-game suspension. In his first game back, Portis had 21 points and 13 rebounds in a loss to the Toronto Raptors. 

On top of that, according to reports, the Bulls locker room is said to be siding with Portis in the whole saga. Portis has reportedly reached out to Mirotic to try and make amends, but Mirotic has not responded and is still hoping the front office does something about it.

There aren't many players who currently have it worse than Nikola Mirotic. Not only has he missed the beginning of the season due to a punch from a teammate, but now he lost the respect of his teammates. 

This is unfortunate for Mirotic, who has been a solid role player for Chicago ​​in his three seasons there. However, it doesn't look like he'll be there much longer with this situation continuing to get worse.