For all the greatness the NFL has displayed over its 50-plus years of existence, it has turned into a complete soap opera this season with dramatized realities smacking fans in the face each and every week. 

Not even owners are immune to the "Days of Our Lives" backstabbing type narrative going down as Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is now stirring up some more controversy of his own.

So we're guessing all it takes is an owner to have his star player suspended, then pardoned, then suspended, then off the hook again, and then hanging in the balance to piss off an owner enough to go against his commissioner?

Yeah, that seems about right and not confusing at all. 

What we do know is that it's getting messier and messier, and although Roger Goodell does hold that nice title as league commissioner, his sport is at the mercy of the 32 NFL owners around him.

The most powerful one is now against him.