There may not be any solid evidence that has come from the Colin Kaepernick collusion case thus far, but what's clear is that it's heading toward a messy ending.

We don't know if Kaep will ever play in the NFL ever again, and it's impossible to know whether these recent indictments will help his chances, but coaches who may have regarded him as a distraction because of his National Anthem stance will certainly not feel any better about him after this news.

It's just as shocking as it is predictable that McCarthy and O'Brien would be the next two brought up in this case, as both coaches have lost their stud quarterbacks this year to season-ending injuries.

Their recent comments haven't helped to keep them from being involved in this case either.

O'Brien was incredibly hypocritical with his remarks when he recently signed Josh Johnson, who hasn't attempted a single pass attempt in the NFL since 2011. 

McCarthy, who was bothered when the media addressed him regarding a potential Kaepernick signing when his star Aaron Rodgers went down against the Minnesota Vikings, hasn't helped his case either.

It's enough for even the lightest prosecutors to be extremely skeptical, and now both coaches are guaranteed to be interrogated regarding those previous comments and their decisions to play struggling quarterbacks.

If collusion does exist, it would be detrimental to both franchises. At this point we also have to ask, win or lose, will this bring Kaepernick any closer to getting a spot on the field as the relationships between him and coaches across the league continue to deteriorate?