​The San Francisco Giants are trying desperately to improve on their poor 2017 season. 

The team has already revamped their coaching staff in an immense way, and now it looks like the roster could be undergoing some changes.

San Francisco is looking toward the Chicago Cubs for some help in that department.

One of the factors that makes this potential deal complicated is that Heyward has a full no-trade clause, and it's not yet clear if he would be willing to waive it to go to San Francisco. 

However, the Cubs may be trying hard to convince Heyward to accept a trade to the Giants so they could fulfill another free agency wish.

Trades typically transpire around the time of the Winter Meetings, so if anything, it's more likely go down then.

As for the Giants, they could entice the Cubs with a couple of pitchers to bolster their staff. With closer Wade David hitting free agency, Chicago needs to replace him, and Melancon is under a much cheaper contract than the one Davis is likely to command in free agency. Also, adding Samardzija to the starting rotation could help replace the potential losses of Jake Arrieta and John Lackey.

Heyward is a tremendous defensive outfielder, but he has not delivered at the plate for the Cubs, and it wouldn't be surprising to see the Cubs part ways with him and his $184 million contract if this deal entices them one bit.