Is it still comeback season for Johnny Football? 

It's been a while since we've last heard from the former Heisman winner who used to pop up in the news on a daily basis. Last time we checked in with Manziel, he was turned away from a CFL team who deemed he was unfit to play football. 

After seeing this most recent photo of him, we can definitely confirm the unfit part. 

Manziel seems to be enjoying himself in Hawaii, but he has certainly let himself go. 

​​Comeback season? More like dad-bod season. 

Manziel has had quite the fall from grace over the years and is actually working hard at fixing his life, but his physical shape does not appear to currently be on the list of things to alter. 

The man is clearly enjoying life with his fiance, and the impact definitely hit him right in the gut. 

Unless he's following in the footsteps of famous hefty QB Jared Lorenzen, a comeback doesn't currently look like it's on Manziel's mind.