This is absolutely devastating news.

A plane belonging to Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays great Roy Halladay crashed in the Gulf of Mexico today.

​​There is one confirmed death, but no word yet about whether it's Halladay himself and if he was the one piloting the plane. There is also no word if there were any other passengers in the plane, but the tail number does match the one of Halladay's new plane.

Here's a photo of the scene:

Halladay's been remarkably proud of his newfound passion for flying, often sharing footage as he's gained more and more knowledge.

He even posted footage of his flight on November 4.

Visually, when comparing side-by-side photos of Halladay with his plane and the crash site, it's clear that they're marked with the same ID.

The eight-time All-Star last pitched in the big leagues back in 2013. He finished his 16-year career with 203 wins and two Cy Young Awards and is a future Hall of Famer.

A playoff no-hitter. A perfect game in Miami. There's nothing more to say about the man who dominated to an absurd degree, helped rejuvenate baseball in Canada, and led a resurgent Phillies staff to playoff success.

While some have reported that Halladay has passed, we're still awaiting details from the sheriff.

We're crushed and find ourselves hoping that Halladay somehow wasn't on board or miraculously made it off. Multiple reports confirm the matching tail numbers, however.

We'll keep you updated with accurate details of the devastation.