​It's happening!! 

The ongoing feud between the Phoenix Suns and point guard Eric Bledsoe is officially nearing its end, as the team has found a suitor for the outcast veteran.

After what seemed to be an interminable few weeks where ​Bledsoe was exiled from the team for his complaints and behavior on Twitter, the eccentric guard is now reportedly on the move.

Woj bomb!

And, on the surface, it seems like a great deal for the Bucks.

The draft pick is also lottery protected.

They've been trying to shed Greg Monroe since the day they inked him, and what are the odds that first rounder ends up better than Bledsoe?

The Milwaukee Bucks have been targeting Bledsoe for some time now, but weren't willing to initially meet the Suns' high asking price, which included reigning Rookie of the Year Malcolm Brogdon.​​ This is far more palatable.

And with the Cavs looking more haggard by the day, don't get it twisted: they're genuine conference contenders.

The Bucks clearly swooped in with the better trade offer, considering it was reported the Suns were recently talking to the Pistons about possibly swapping Bledsoe for Reggie Jackson in a deal with a third team. However, those talks fell through, and now Bledsoe is headed to a different Eastern Conference team.

And it certainly seems like a steal.