Many have had qualms about Josh Norman's actions before, but this might take the cake. 

In Sunday's win over the Seahawks, after a rough horsecollar tackle on Jimmy Graham, Norman follows it up by trying to punch him where no man wants to get punched. 

Here's the video in slow motion. 

​​Now Graham does appear to have a firm grasp of Norman's facemask, but that doesn't warrant a cheap shot after the play is over. 

In a weekend that featured a few fights in the NFL, Norman's antics may have gone unnoticed by most. 

With big names like Mike Evans and AJ Green getting into it with other players, Norman's wasn't even seen or considered by officials in comparison. 

The Redskins are going up against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, so Norman's focus has already turned towards Julio Jones and that explosive offense. 

Let's hope his player is much cleaner this week.