Whether he wins an MVP or not, it's widely acknowledged that James is the best player in the NBA. He's willed the Cavaliers to the top of the NBA in both his stints in Cleveland, and can dominate all facets of the game.

His big 57-point performance over the weekend against the Wizards certainly proved that.

James won the MVP award four times in a five-year span from 2008-2013, but since then hasn't been able to reclaim the trophy. This year represents his best chance to snap that drought.

He's currently averaging 28.8 points per game, which if he keeps that pace would be his highest scoring average since 2009-10. James has also slowly become one of the best passers in the NBA, and is currently averaging a career high 9.1 assists per game. James usually puts up jaw-dropping stats, but has to do more this year because he has less talent around him. 

Kevin Love and Derrick Rose are no longer fully capable of carrying the load for a few games, and who knows how effective Isaiah Thomas will be when he returns from a hip injury. Also, James won't have to compete with Western Conference players putting up gaudy numbers: Russell Westbrook has too much talent around him, James Harden has capable three-point shooters to share the ball with, and the Warriors can take turns choosing which superstar leads them to a win. Everyone's numbers in the Western Conference will be down due to the staunch competition.

One problem could be Giannis Antetokounmpo challenging James for the MVP, but when it comes down to it, James will figure out a way to beat out the young gun.

James will say he's focused on other hardware, but winning an MVP will be a recognition of what we've known for a while. James is easily the best player on the planet.