Ever since the Vikings' franchise quarterback went down during training camp in 2016 with a gruesome dislocated knee and torn ACL, the question of when Teddy Bridgewater would make his return has long been on the minds of Minnesota fans across the nation.

They may have their question answered sooner than later. 

Bridgewater is nearing his long awaited return.

The Vikings have been very careful with not rushing back Teddy and have handled his progress well (take notes Indianapolis Colts), so he must be more than healthy if he is reported to take the backup role immediately upon being activated.

And as history has shown us, any backup of Case Keenum has the potential to start any given week.

The pressure will be on for Case, and as for Sam Bradford, well, it was nice while it lasted.

Bridgewater has not played a game since the Vikings 2015 playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks, but that doesn't matter. The public has spoken.

As the Vikings prepare for a finale of a playoff push, it looks like the quarterback battle has just begun.