Who says Bill Belichick doesn't have a sense of humor? 

We normally see the Patriots Head Coach answer questions without any sort of emotion. Then, just when you're dozing off as per usual during a press conference, he'll hit you with one comment that will keep you on your toes. 

This week, it came at the expense of the Broncos and their offense. 

Belichick decided that, in the week that followed Brock Osweiler's abysmal attempt to right the ship, he'd call out Denver by calling their offense "explosive". 


Classic Belichick being overly complimentary of a terrible opponent he's about to wreck.

You can use a lot of words to describe the Broncos' offense, but explosive is not one of them. They're much more implosive, quite frankly.

This team is currently 22nd in points per game and 17th in total offense. That was before this "explosive" unit gained just 243 yards against the Eagles. 

Whether it's Paxton Lynch finally getting the start, or either Siemian and Osweiler rema under center, there isn't a man on that roster that is going to make this offense any sort of threat. 

What's Belichick going to say next? That the Browns are competitive?