​What a week it has been for Justin Verlander. 

Hell, what a YEAR it has been for Justin Verlander. 

The man has gone through a mid-season trade, won a World Series, and got married to Kate Upton in Italy less than a week after winning his first ring. Makes me tired just typing it.

Five days after celebrating long into the night, Verlander shared a beautiful photo captured moments after the deal was sealed. 

The caption reads: "Happy wife happy life! What an amazing beginning to our journey together! @kateupton #justmarried "​​

God, I can't even imagine how genetically perfect their family photos are and will be. 

The lavish ceremony took place is Tuscany, Italy over the weekend. The couple got engaged last year. They had previously dated on and off for three years before reuniting in January 2014.

Nothing says 'Happily Ever After' like getting hitched in freakin' Italy. 

It was a gorgeous wedding and one that neither of them will ever forget, but there is one thing I want to remind everyone that has been bothering me about the entire situation. 

Justin Verlander has been in the MLB for over a decade and he finally won a World Series after three tries, AND HE MISSED THE DAMN PARADE!!! I'm all for happy weddings, scenic locations, and open bars, but man, how could you miss out on the epic party that Houston threw over the weekend??