It's not often you see two star athletes from different spots come together. 

Even when two guys play in the same city, it's rare for players to interact outside of their own sport, probably because it takes so much focus and work to perform to begin with. However, sometimes players manage to come out to support their fellow ​athletes.

And sometimes, they even manage to strike off a bit of a bromance. 

Short and sweet from Harper, but he gets the point across. Cousins is a stud. ​​

Cousins is clearly the more subdued member of this relationship -- no emoji and he just uses the team hashtag -- but we at least have an exclamation point in there. 

​​This exchange came after Cousins stunned the Seahawks leading a late game-winning drive with some incredible throws. Cousins threw for 247 yards and completed 68 percent of his passes against Seattle, continuing a fantastic season where he's thrown for 2,147 yards and 13 touchdowns through eight games. 

Obviously, Harper approves of his fellow DC sports star leading his team to victory, and hopefully Cousins returns the favor when the baseball season returns.