​I guess the Cowboys thought they could hide this tweet from the world. 

Clearly they haven't lived in the 21st century for that long. 

Lesson learned. 

After a big 28-17 win over the Chiefs at home, the Cowboys sent out a tweet trolling the Chiefs with one glaring issue. Then they inexplicably deleted the Tweet, but don't you worry, in the world of screenshots nothing is deleteable. 


Solid, solid troll with the "Wizard of Oz" reference. Only one major issue: Kansas City isn't in Kansas. It's in Missouri. Guess that's why they deleted it. Or maybe Roger Goodell threatened to suspended Zeke an extra game if they didn't take it down? Seems like the only reasonable explanation. 

Of course, everyone was quick to point this out. 

And then the Cowboys came up with the worst second tweet ever. 

Sad. Just said. 

The biggest bummer about the whole thing is the other replies on the original tweet were pretty funny, simply crushing the Cowboys for their stupidity. As you can imagine, the ones to the second were not. 

Come on Cowboys. Live a little. Own up to your mistake and let us all have a laugh. 

Or try and hide it and get roasted anyway. Either way, we win.