5 Most Intense Wide Receiver-Cornerback Fights in NFL History

There's no doubting the most volatile matchup in football is the wide receiver vs. cornerback  duel that goes on each week in the NFL. As any football fan realizes by now, there is no love lost out there. It gets chippy. It certainly did this week when the Cincinnati Bengals took on the Jacksonville Jaguars and A.J. Green got into an all-out wrestling match with corner Jalen Ramsey. 

In light of that tussle, let's take a look at five of the most memorable WR/CB fights in NFL history.

5. Michael Crabtree vs. Richard Sherman

There was nothing too physical about this one in terms of fisticuffs being thrown between two players, but Richard Sherman's post-game tirade was one for the history books. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, Richard Sherman denied a Colin Kaepernick last-minute throw to Michael Crabtree that was picked off to seal the Seahawks championship bid. In typical Sherman fashion, he held nothing back about how he felt about Crabtree afterward.

4. A.J. Green vs. Jalen Ramsey

This one escalated quickly. A.J. Green is usually a very calm, cool and collective receiver like Julio Jones. But on this particular day, Jalen Ramsey was taking a few shots here and there, and the Bengals receiver was having absolutely none of it. A couple of WWE-inspired, rear-naked choke slams mixed with some helmet punches, and the two were immediately ejected.

3. Deion Sanders vs. Andre Rison

You can't have any epic cornerback list of this topic and not include Deion Sanders. The cocky/confident Hall-of-Famer has had his battles over the years, even with fellow HOF's in Jerry Rice, but this one got way out of hand. The two former teammates clearly weren't feeling the love after Deion bolted for the 49ers, and the ensuing fight was as predictable as Deion showboating. 

2. Andre Johnson vs. Cortland Finnegan

Again, another less vocal receiver pushed to the edge by a corner who loved to get into his opponent's head. This time though, both players literally took each other's heads off by ripping helmets and chucking them across the field. Johnson, the bigger of the two men got a couple of shots in, and we would say he won the battle. But as Finnegan left the field, he looked happy to get himself and Johnson ejected. 

1. Odell Beckham Jr. vs. Josh Norman

It's the most infamous moment in both player's careers and it is this incident that marked the NFL's decision to implement the two unsportsmanlike penalty ejection rule. This went on all game long. And quite frankly, it carried over to the next season too when Josh Norman was traded to the Washington Redskins. Quite simply, these two do not like each other at all. The cheap shots by both were an embarrassment to the sport as much as it was to each of them, igniting a rivalry that will go on for the rest of their days in the NFL.