Press conferences and Cam Newton just don't mix. 

We know he doesn't really care for them all that much either, and once this catches the internet and goes viral, we're sure his distaste will grow even more.

Despite the Carolina Panthers' 20-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons, it felt like the offense was missing something. 

They were, and that was wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, who was shipped to Buffalo right before the trade deadline.

When asked about the absence of his former favorite No. 1 receiver, good ol' Killer Cam had an interesting response.

Oh boy, Newton will end up as an internet meme if he's not careful.

And let's focus on the real craziness here, you're telling me Cam never saw the James Cameron classic, Titanic?? Wasn't that movie nominated for like 10 Academy Awards?

Oh, wait, maybe he only caught it on VHS when it came in a two-part tape set. He saw the first part, but then taped over the second with game film of his upcoming opponent. 

Whatever the excuse, in typical social media fashion, the public did not hold back.

We're just as shocked. And as for your question Erick, break it to him gently.

Never let go, Cam, never let go.