There's a fine line between protecting your teammate and blatantly looking to hurt your opponent. Mike Evans can't even see that line because he's so far over it. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are getting absolutely manhandled by the New Orleans Saints this weekend, and tempers are starting to flare between the two sides as a result. 

Saints rookie CB Marshon Lattimore was jawing with Bucs QB Jameis Winston after a play, when Mike Evans sprinted over and delivered a cheap shot for the ages. ​

​​He didn't even end it with the brutal hit in the back, he jumped on him and delivered some shots to his head as well. Somehow, he was not ejected! 

I'd understand if Lattimore was attacking Winston and Evans ran to his defense, but the two are just talking to each other, and Winston is surrounded by one of his lineman and his coaches. That hit from Evans is just uncalled for. 

A suspension is more than likely after this nonsense.