​Pregame hype speeches are some of the most important and coolest parts of an NFL game. Someone has to get the whole team ready to go out and hit the other team at full speed. 

We've had some consistently great ones over the years, most notably New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees,

Well his counterpart this Sunday, didn't exactly do as good of a job as Brees normally does. 

​​Excuse me?

So Winston's point here is that the team is going to "eat a W" but he gets it across by sticking his hand in his mouth for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then he doubles down by continuing to stick his hand in his mouth. It's just very strange,

You can tell it's a bad speech from the lack of reaction from his teammates and from the fact that one of them hops in to give a different speech right at the end. 

Now compare that to Brees:

​​Yeah that's a little bit better. 

Winston still has a lot to learn to be as good as Drew Brees and he might want to start with his speech giving skills.